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The Columbian Squires is the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus. The aim of the Squires program is to prepare Catholic young men to become leaders among their fellow citizens.  Leadership training takes place in four activity areas: 






Brother Barnabas founded the Squires to "give a young man the greatest possible help in making himself the sort of Christian citizen he wishes to become and we so urgently need.”

The Squires program gives its members the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills by using the talents that God has given them. With so many different types of organizations for young men in today's world, what makes the Squires different?

This is a Catholic organization that builds character and develops leadership.

If this type of program appeals to you, the Circle's programs will enrich you in many ways.

It will confirm your commitment to the Church and strengthen your moral character.

You will gain a sense of the diversity of people in the world, and find your own place within the community.

It will teach you the value of charitable activities. You will become a better leader.

The most important gifts you can give to your circle and to its members are your time, effort and enthusiastic support.

If you aren’t a member you’re missing out on a great opportunity.  If your local Knights of Columbus council doesn’t have one, ask to start one.

Esto Dignus,

Peter D. Briody

NJ State Squires Director

NJ State Squires Chairman Peter Briody Email

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